Sewage Treatment

Date: Jul 22, 2020Times visited: 183

Zhengzhou Landfill Leachate Treatment Plant is designed to treat an amount of 600,000 metric tons of existing landfill leachate because of the insufficient leachate treatment capability back in 2004, when the landfill plant was completed and put into use. At the request of Zhengzhou Municipal Government, City Environment, together with its partner, constructed an extra leachate treatment system to meet the actual leachate treatment need as the result of 2,300 tonnes of garbage coming in every day.

We take a combined technology of pretreatment, MVR evaporation, VP gas washing and drying, to achieve zero discharge. The supplemented leachate treatment section currently processes over 1,800 metric tons of waste water per day. It is estimated that, by December 2020, all previously existed 600,000 metric tons of leachate will be dealt with harmlessly.