2019 Fifth China PPP (Financing) Development Forum

Date: Oct 31, 2019Times visited: 127

We will standardize collaborative innovation and promote high-quality development of THE PPP industry 29-30, the Ministry of Finance, the All-China federation, guide in henan province people's government, the Ministry of Finance capital cooperation center sponsored by the government and the society, the departments of henan province and zhengzhou city chamber of commerce, the national federation of industry and commerce of the people's government of the city infrastructure and environment chamber of commerce jointly "2019 the fifth China (finance) BBS" PPP development was held in zhengzhou, henan.With the theme of "Building together, governing together and sharing -- All for a better life", the forum includes leaders' speeches, keynote speeches, round-table forums, project promotion and evening talks. At the meeting, Zou Jiayi, member of the Party Group and vice minister of the Ministry of Finance, Fan Youshan, deputy secretary of the Party Group and full-time vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, And Huang Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of Henan Provincial Party Committee and executive Vice governor made speeches at the opening ceremony respectively. Zou jiayi, says the PPP is the implementation of the third plenary session of the 18 comprehensively deepen reform and promoting the modernization of governance of a specific measures, with ease market access, encourage competition, full life cycle management, risk sharing, etc., a pay-for-performance program for public service supply mode innovation, stimulate the market vitality and social creativity, promote economic development quality, efficiency and motivation to change, change change rich diversified high quality public service supply mode, meet the needs of people for a better life. In more than five years, the ministry of finance jointly with the relevant departments, in accordance with the party central committee under the state council's decision to deploy, based on China's basic national conditions and development stages, learn from international experience, through the system system design, the comprehensive ability construction, demonstration projects to promote international cooperation and pragmatic, etc., to realize the reform of the milestones, initially established a unified, standardized and transparent and efficient PPP market.At the same time, PPP has also played a role in promoting reform, providing new opportunities for the development of private enterprises and new driving forces for economic development.China's PPP reform has been widely recognized and highly appraised by the international community. In the process of PPP reform, there are some noteworthy tendencies.For example, increasing local government debt in a disguised way and packaging unqualified projects into PPP.In order to prevent and defuse major risks and promote the sustainable development of THE PPP business, we need to stick to the original intention of reform and strengthen bottom-line thinking.Second, we need to strengthen regulatory measures to guard against financial risks.Third, we need to ensure the quality of projects and improve the efficiency of development.Fourth, we need to tighten the responsibility of all parties for win-win cooperation. In the new stage of PPP development, we will increase the supply of high-quality public services in accordance with the principle of "doing our best and acting within our capability" and a performance-oriented fiscal policy, Zou said.First, we will lead the high-quality development of PPP models by developing systems, standards and policies.Second, strengthen the project life cycle management, improve PPP risk prevention and control capacity;Third, we will improve the business environment and create conditions for high-quality PPP development.Fourth, innovate financing models and make good use of government market resources.Fifth, we need to deepen practical international cooperation to boost the "One Belt And One Road" initiative. FanYouShan said, the PPP project implementation, on the one hand, widen the space development of private enterprises, increase the investment and financing of private enterprises, capital operation, full cycle project controls such as comprehensive business ability, further stimulate vitality and release the folk capital, on the other hand can also give full play to the government and enterprises, complementary advantages, improve the efficiency and quality of public service supply, drive the comprehensive reform in the field of public service. In order to encourage private capital to participate in THE implementation of PPP projects, stabilize investment and promote growth, Fan suggested: First, the PPP should be open and visible to private enterprises;Second, the THRESHOLD for PPP should be lowered to allow private enterprises to enter the market.Third, PPP should be profitable and be accessible to private enterprises. Huang Qiang said the henan provincial government will seize promote the rise of the central region, the Yellow River basin ecological protection and high quality development, the grand canal cultural heritage protection and other major national strategic opportunity, and in the BBS as an opportunity, to further improve the market rules of fair, open, transparent and under the rule of law to do business, vigorously promote using PPP mode, promote economic and social development in high quality. Zhu Xian, vice President and CHIEF operating officer of THE New Development Bank, Hou Weidong, Vice President of The Bank of Communications, and Zhang Shufeng, CEO of China Fortune Land Development Co., LTD delivered keynote speeches. The forum held 18 round-table forums, including the forum on financial affordability, facilitating high-quality development of private enterprises, project procurement, and development-oriented PPP, and more than 130 Chinese and foreign experts Shared their views.About 1,500 representatives from central ministries and commissions, local governments, social capital, financial institutions, intermediary agencies and international institutions attended the opening ceremony.