WTE Project in Kashgar City

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Kashgar WTE project adopts a concession model and the project spans 30 years, with  1.25-year construction period, and 28.75-year concession operation period. The Kashgar WTE Project is located on the Gobi Desert, Akkash Township, East of Kashgar. The site is about 25km from the downtown of Kashgar City in the east, 2.5km from Meka Expressway in the north. To its west are the roads under construction by the Kashgar government, and 600m to its south is a asphalt pavement.


The first phase of Kashgar WTE project is able to process 800 tons of waste per day. The plant will be equipped with a 2×400 t/d grate furnace set, and meanwhile, it has reserved the land for a 400 t/d waste incineration line for the second phase. The HRSG (heat recover steam generator) adopts 1×15MW steam turbine generator and auxiliary facilities such as flue gas purification system and leachate treatment system. The annual operation time is no less than 8,000 hours, and the total amount of garbage disposed is 292,000 tons/year.


The project actively responds to the national call of “Pollution Prevention and Control”. Relevant policies issued by the National Development and Reform Commission of China and the Energy Administration both agreed and offered favorable policy on such projects. Policies released by the Development and Reform Commission of Autonomous Region on WTE projects also provides policy support for the smooth implementation of this project.


City Environment is confident is the efficiency of the project because of the advanced technology employed. The flue gas purification system adopts the purification process of "selective non-catalytic deNOx process (SNCR) + semi-dry process (spray reactor) + dry deacidification + activated carbon adsorption + bag filter". In addition, the project has reserved space for the installation of the SCR denitrification device for future upgrades.


The leachate treatment station of the project offered a treatment process combining "pretreatment + UASB (anaerobic reactor) + MBR + NF (nanofiltration) + RO (reverse osmosis)". The leachate and domestic sewage are sent to this station in the plant for centralized treatment. The leachate treatment station is designed to handle an amount of 180 cubic meter.


The household waste comes from 1 city and 5 counties, with a total population of 2.25 million.The following table offers further detailed information:

The project is a characteristic utilities project that can facilitate harmless treatment and recycling of garbage in Kashgar and neighboring counties in Xinjiang province. And it also falls into the social responsibility of a listed company such as City Environment to always give priority to improving the living environment of human beings.