Implementation Plan by NDRC to Improve Domestic Waste Classification and Disposal Facilities in Urban Area

Date: Aug 27, 2020Times visited: 128

On July 31, 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission(NDRC), Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Ministry of Ecology and Environment jointly issued the Implementation Plan to Improve Urban Domestic Waste Classification and Disposal Facilities in Urban Area (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Plan). Few days ago, the spokesman of NDRC answered questions related to the plan from reporters.

The spokesperson said that the “Government Work Report” this year aims to supply sufficient waste and sewage disposal facilities. At present, there are still problems and shortcomings with the system of waste classification and transportation in China. Besides, waste incineration only accounts for a minor proportion of harmless disposal of waste. In view of the status quo, the Implementation Plan proposed four main tasks:

First, accelerate the improvement in waste classification and transportation system. Second, increase the aggregated capacity of waste incineration. Third, plan the landfills reasonably. Last, promote the construction of kitchen waste disposal facilities in accordance with local conditions.

According to the spokesman, the Implementation Plan puts forward five measures to safeguard the plan being carried out. The measures include confirming the responsibilities of each administrative region; strengthening financial support; improving the charging mechanism under the principle of “any entity shall pay for the garbage he generates”;raising public’s awareness of waste classification and disposal and requiring all relevant government departments to work as one with joint effort.