We established City Environment Waste-to-Energy Co., Ltd supported by a profession team specializing in planning, engineering, operating, managing etc. City Environment adheres to the principle of standardization, ecologicalization and intelligentization, aiming to build eco-efficient parks with green scenery, advanced technology, smart management and low-carbon dioxide. Standardization: Our headquarter is responsible for unified management while the project companies responsible for unified execution. All projects are planned, constructed, equipped and operated in a unified manner, thus forming a couple of model projects that can be promoted and duplicated. Ecologicalization: We introduced world first class waste incineration technology and the designed flue gas charging index is stricter than the European standard. We strive to present ecological parks with landscaping through de-industrialization. Intelligentization: We achieved “intelligent supervision” by utilizing technologies including internet of things, 5G, whole-process intelligent control, optimal scheduling and automatic alarm. City Environment aims to build an intelligent environment supervision platform by big data management and uploading the data of waste collection, treatment and discharge.

WTE Plant in Jiyuan City

City Environment Waste-to-Energy (Jiyuan) Co., Ltd was incorporated in October 2014. The WTE project developed by it was the one of the key provincial projects in Henan, covering an area of 60,000 squ...

Aug 10, 2020
Case study

WTE Project in Kashgar City

Kashgar WTE project adopts a concession model and the project spans 30 years, with 1.25-year construction period, and 28.75-year concession operation period. The Kashgar WTE Project is located on the ...

Aug 09, 2020

WTE Project in Hebi City

Hebi WTE project is designed with a daily processing capacity of 1,000 metric tons, equipped with 2×500 tons/day mechanical grate furnaces and one 20MW condensing steam turbine generator unit....

Aug 09, 2020

WTE Project in Hua County

The concession period of the WTE project in Hua County is 25-30 years, as the usual practices. The daily processing capacity is 1,000 tons of domestic waste and 365,000 tons per year. It is planned to...

Aug 07, 2020

WTE Project in Dengzhou City

With the rapid social and economic development of China, the continuous improvement of people's living standard and the acceleration of urbanization, a large amount of domestic waste, kitchen wast...

Jul 27, 2020

WTE Project in Runan County

The planned site for the WTE project in Runan County is within the eco-efficient park, north of Chongde Road, west of the current waste landfill, and south of Lvjia Automobile Industry. The land area ...

Jul 27, 2020