Water Affairs

Committed to providing the most comprehensive, the most advanced, the most reasonable solution of comprehensive water environment governance, set up wholly owned company specialized in water, equipped with professional management and technical backbone of hundreds, use "Internet + big data," integrated water related city, supply and use, governance, drainage and other kinds of basic information, architecture wisdom water cloud data center, form the municipal water supply, sewage treatment, water reuse, water environmental governance whole industry chain, realize the internationalization quality, dual water supply security, intelligent operation, integration management. With water treatment projects as the main line, the company invests in the construction and operation of municipal water supply, sewage treatment and other projects, has a considerable amount of stock and new water supply sewage projects, and has rich strength in project investment, financing and engineering technical services in the field of water treatment.

Water Supply

ZAZE Water Supply Co., Ltd was established in November 2014. It is a company with automated, intelligent and digital water supply production line. The company also constructs water pipelines, provides...

Jul 22, 2020
Case study

Sewage Treatment

Zhengzhou Landfill Leachate Treatment Plant is designed to treat an amount of 600,000 metric tons of existing landfill leachate because of the insufficient leachate treatment capability back in 2004, ...

Jul 22, 2020