ZAZE Water Supply Co., Ltd was established in November 2014. It is a company with automated, intelligent and digital water supply production line. The company also constructs water pipelines, provides and marketizes bottled water under a couple of brands. After more than 5 years of development, it currently has a modern water plant with a capacity of supplying 200,000 cubic meters waters per day and a 100,000 cubic meters per day booster pump station.

The Mission

Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone (ZAEZ) was a new zone officially approved by the State Council in 2013, marking the birth of China’s first national airport economy zone. However, to achieve this strategic goal, utility facilities including water supply facility must be equipped in place to provide sufficient and clean water to over 700,000 people living there. Water is a regional strategic resource, that is in close connection with people’s everyday life. A safe and reliable water supply channel is the backbone of any society.

Our Solution

In November 2014, ZAEZ Water Supply Co., Ltd was incorporated. The company’s vision is to make the residents satisfied, the government rest assured and employees happy and worry-free. As a municipal utility service provider, the goal of ZAZE Water Supply Co., Ltd not only provides sufficient water, but also reliable and high-quality water. It plays an important role to guarantee the healthy development of ZAEZ as a highland for opening-up, a modern aerotropolis and a driving engine for economic development of central plain. The company is engaged in tap water production, supply, sales and service; pipe network construction and equipment installation; management of self-built water supply sources and facilities, and maintenance of secondary pressurized equipment.

The Result

In 2019, ZAZE Water Supply Co., Ltd supplied over 12.4 million metric tons of drinking water, and this number is forecasted to be 14 million tons in 2020. It accounts for about 65% of the market share in ZAEZ. Five years after its incorporation, a total of 350 kilometers of municipal pipelines and 676 kilometers of courtyard pipelines have been laid. The total 300 square kilometer built-up area of ZAEZ has been fully covered, providing services for more than 1,500 enterprises and institutions and 500,000 people. It plays an important role in improving people's livelihood and promoting economic and social development in ZAEZ.

Daily Water Supply

Number of People Benefited

Market Share in ZAEZ