City Environment Waste-to-Energy (Jiyuan) Co., Ltd was incorporated in October 2014. The WTE project developed by it was the one of the key provincial projects in Henan, covering an area of 60,000 square meters. The daily garbage processing capacity is 600 tons. The plant was constructed in October and put into use two years later.

The Mission

Before the construction of the Jiyuan WTE plant, there was a landfill that had stored over 120 metric tons of waste, with little storage capacity remained. Landfill not only takes up large amount of farmland, but also ruins the landscape. In addition, the odor and the landfill gas (methane) will pollute the environment, as well as threatening the air, water, air and soil. With the rapid improvement of people’s living standard, we are also generating more garbage. It is the time that we find a solution for the excessive garbage.

Our Solution

City Environment Waste-to-Energy (Jiyuan) Co., Ltd adopts the most advanced grate furnace technology and install all equipment under the self-developed approach that has been patented. As a result, the furnace is burning at a high stability, remarkably reducing the chances for overhaul and there is no need for waste separation before burning. In addition, the furnace burns the waste at a high efficiency without any auxiliary fuel being added. The incinerator can work over 8,000 hours a year and process 200,000 tons of household garbage. The heat generated will be transformed into power. At the end of the process, the flue gas to be discharged falls within the international EU standard. All data during the incineration process will be displayed in real time and welcome supervision. Slags generated after burning will be used to make construction blocks and roads, achieving 100% harmless treatment of the garbage in Jiyuan city.

The Result

City Environment Waste-to-Energy (Jiyuan) Co., Ltd is a leading company for WTE project in Henan, a demonstration base for urban facility construction and an educational base for environmental protection targeting teenagers and youth. Officials of Xinjiang municipal government, Henan provincial government as well as Henan Investment Group have paid visits to the company as well. The operation of this plant facilitates the harmless treatment of the household waste in Jiyuan city, converting garbage into treasure. It alleviates environment pollution while generating clean energy, contributing to the sustainable development of Jiyuan city. It maximizes land efficiency, provides new job opportunities, therefore is of great resource benefit, environment benefit and social benefit.

Area of the Plant

Daily Processing Capacity

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