City Environment Waste Management Co., Ltd. was established in November 2017. After three years’ operation, its first project in Hua county greatly impacted the environment there and local people’s awareness on waste management. Everything done by the City Environment Waste Management is centering around cleaning up the roads and streets, transferring the waste and keeping it up.

The Mission

In the past, villagers and residents from the county were not aware of environmental protection. They threw away household waste wrapped up in plastic bags in pits just hundreds of meters away from their houses. With time passing by, several waste hills emerged with odor coming out. Gradually, people realized that their bad sanitary habits will eventually become a curse on their living environment. And, the government also find it inconsistency to create a harmonious society under the national policy. At last, there shaped a common understanding that it was high time that everyone took action to change it for the better.

Our Solution

In November 2017, City Environment Waste Management Co., Ltd. was established to improve the arbitrary disposal of solid waste in the county. The operation mechanism behind is that “every household throws away the garbage as a unit; every village collects the garbage as a unit; every town transfers the collected waste as a unit; and all waste at last will be transferred to the county for final incineration.” The government at all levels in Hua county quickly participated in this campaign. First, they set up a county-level working group in charge of the campaign. The working group published a General Guideline on Improving Living Environment. In addition, they supervise and punish those that are not well-behaved in this campaign, which served as a warning to the majority of the residents. City Environment Waste-to-Energy (Hua County) Co., Ltd. also provided firm support when local government are running out of necessary equipment. Within 15 days after the waste management campaign was initiated, City Environment Waste-to-Energy (Hua County) Co., Ltd. transported equipment worth 74 million RMB to the county. Two years later in 2019, the company provided another batch of new equipment worth over 7 million RMB.

The Result

Now, with centralized transfer of household waste in the county, it also paves the way for the following waste incineration. The current waste volume and expected volume in a longer term is showed in the table below (Please refer to WTE project in Hua County under  on this website for more information). The waste management in Hua County has become a demonstration case that is recommended to and studied by other counties in China, which enchanced the branding influence of City Environment waste management service.

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