City Environment Dongfang Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established on July 12, 2019. Based on the technological license introduced from B&W Vølund in Denmark, the company is a one-stop service provider centering around WTE project equipment including R&D, manufacturing, general assembling, commissioning and technical consultation.

The Mission

In July 2018, during his visit to Dongfang Electric Corporation (hereafter referred to as DEC), the Chairman of City Environment first proposed his idea of setting up a joint venturing specializing in WTE project equipment manufacturing. This proposal, on the one hand, may reduce the cost of WTE projects in China; on the other hand, it will facilitate domestic manufacturers to participate in the whole chain of environmental production industry. Therefore, it didn’t take long for the two parties to be on the same page.

Our Solution

After a couple of on-site visits, City Environment and DEC finally decided on Jiaozuo city to be the location of the aforementioned joint venture. DEC is one of the state-owned backbone enterprises and one of the world's largest power generation equipment manufacturer and general contractor of power plant engineering.

City Environment Dongfang Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduced the world's most advanced waste incineration technology, and took it as an starting point to build itself into the most competitive environmental protection equipment manufacturer in the field of solid waste disposal. It is gradually marching into intelligent manufacturing and intelligent and digital production, leading the development of the industry. Under the cooperation with City Environment, it is serving China while exploring global market along the Belt and Road Initiative with its headquarter in Henan province.

The clean and tidy production environment of its factories, professional management team, and the newly equipped fully automatic robot welding production line and advanced spraying technology all have laid a solid foundation for the company's growth and development.

The Result

At present, City Environment Dongfang Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has won the tenders for equipment supply of WTE projects in Runan county, Xiping county etc.. In April this year, equipment production for Runan WTE project has been fully completed, and a total equipment supply of 5 projects are under way as planned thanks to the strong support from City Environment and DEC. During an on-site visit by leaders from Jiaozuo Municipal People's Congress, the company was praised for its current achievements.

Area of the Plant

Number of Existing Equipment Sets

Total Processing Capacity of Equipment Produced in 2020