Throughout the history of human civilization, the prosperity of ecology rises and falls along with that of human civilization. The underlying basis for human development are mountains covered by forests, plains in green and blue, and birds singing and flowers blooming in cities and countryside. We must treat environment as treating our life, follow the law, and create a diverse and symbiotic ecosystem with scientific and overall planning that best suits local conditions.

The road to ecological governance is long and hard, but one will get through if he keeps going. City Environment is such a black horse in the environment protection industry, bringing vitality to our earth planet with the spirit of seizing every second, persistency and human wisdom. Horizontally, City Environment actively responds to the “One Road One Belt” Initiative, strengthening cooperation with countries along the Initiative in the field of environment protection, supports the construction of environmental facilities, and enhance their environment protection capacities. Vertically, City Environment links the upstream and downstream of the environment protection chain by mastering designing, construction, operation and equipment manufacturing, building an industrial ecosystem with City Environment at the core.

City Environment aims to become the leading company in environment protection industry that integrates investment, construction, operation, management, equipment manufacturing, consulting and big data development, patterning itself on what is natural.


Hongbing Zhu,

Chairman of City Environment