As a subsidiary of Henan Investment Group, City Environment is listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the stock code SZ000885. City Environment is committed to the course of environmental protection at home and abroad. Our business scope covers 1) harmless treatment and recycling of low-calorific waste such as household waste, kitchen waste, sewage sludge etc.; 2) the investment, construction and intelligent operation of water supply and leachate treatment and clean energy heating; 3) expressway construction and operation; and 4) professional engineering consulting.


Since its establishment, City Environment is committed to building an environment-friendly technology company that is professional and market-driven. City Environment sets its footprint in the whole environmental protection chain while leveraging the listed platform.


One of our advantages is professional management. It comes from the philosophy of standardization, ecologicalization and inteligentization. First, based on the management mode of "unified control, unified construction, unified equipment and operation" for all projects, we form a standardized mode that can be promoted, reproduced and duplicated. Second, the eco-efficient park will be ecological and de-industrialized, to become a beautiful landscape beyond waste-to-energy plant. Third, with technologies such as Internet of Things, 5G technology, intelligent process control, optimized scheduling and automatic warning, City Environment is achieving "unmanned supervision", which improves quality and efficiency while reducing the costs.


In addition, City Environment is executing the strategy of “going global” in a deeper, faster and wider manner, explores cooperation with countries and regions along the “Belt and Road Initiative” and continuously embodies its core competitiveness and brand value beyond China.